Missing hiker

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who survived on the scorching hot California path

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Tim Sgrignoli's corpse was discovered on Thursday morning about 9 a.m.

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After going in search of water for his girlfriend on Sunday, he vanished.

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A couple was trekking the Gariota Hot Springs path in California during a heatwave.

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follows the discovery of a guy deceased on Monday after trekking in Arizona.

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Authorities have discovered the body of a hiker who vanished on Sunday while looking for water for his thirsty girlfriend in California's Gaviota State Park.

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After a four-day search, Tim Sgrignoli's corpse, 29, was discovered on Thursday morning.

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rescue effort down a route close to Santa Barbara, according to a sheriff's spokesman.

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Sgrignoli, a software developer who lives in Ventura

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