‘Survivor’ U.K. Reboot Set for BBC

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According to the broadcaster, "BBC One and BBC iPlayer have commissioned a new U.K. adaptation of the entertainment

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from Banijay U.K. firm Remarkable Entertainment, helmed by prominent entertainment producers Natalka Znak and Claire O'Donohoe.

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According to the BBC, the 16-episode season "promises spectators a fascinating test of intellect, brawn

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betrayal as competitors try to outsmart, outplay, and outlast their opponents to be named the Ultimate Survivor."

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"20 carefully chosen individuals from throughout the United Kingdom will be marooned in a tropical environment.

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They will be split into two tribes and compete against one another in a variety of mental and physical tests.

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The tribes will ultimately merge after a series of eliminations at the legendary tribal council

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one contestant will win a cash reward by demonstrating that they are the Ultimate Survivor.

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Charlie Parsons-created television programme Survivor, which made its debut in Sweden in 1997.

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